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Well come

Wellcome to our website we are a friendly, professional hair salon in bury, Manchester. Our salon services allow you to define your personal taste and style. We endow our clients with a make over that bring out their natural beauty.

We offer the finest in beauty treatments that help to enhance your inner radiance, to make you feel uplifted and revitalised. Naaz Hair & Beauty offer comfortable surroundings, a warm welcome and a unique experience.

We listen closely to specific demands of our clients. Then we translate them into the language of cosmetics, skin care and restorative pampering. Discover yourself with us. Know your latent beauty.†contact us

Why choose us ?

  • We understands make-over as an art. A way of flirtation to beauty. Whether you are fitting out for an appearance, a party, a dinner, or breaking away from the monotonous person you see in the mirror, come to our place anytime.

    We have a pool of top make-up artists, hair stylists and beauty consultants to assist you with every cut, stroke or brush you want. We give expert suggestions on how to enhance that beauty you wish to see. With us, you'll learn to love yourself more.

    Our fine customer service has been reputed as the best in the area. We care for every client with utmost hospitality and warmth to make them comfortable in sharing their own beauty concepts.

    Put your look in the hands of our expert stylists. Discover the styles and colours that work best for you. Learn tips and techniques to play up your very best features. Let our experts give you a look for any mood or occasion

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What we do ?

Through innovative salon services, you have several options to choose from. All services are as flexible as your whims. To get more information, please†contact us. or come to our salon today!

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